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Virtual CD Manager 1.1

Virtual CD Manager is an application that allows you to mount ISO image files
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Virtual CD Manager is a useful application that allows you to mount ISO image files (files with .iso extension) into virtual disk drives in order to use them as if you were reading a CD/DVD on a CD/DVD drive. You can mount up to 4 drives and assign them attributes such as auto open, auto add, show hint, and auto start. After an image has been mounted you can burn it into a CD/DVD. The program automatically detects the CD/DVD drive capacity and its attributes, and maximum write/read speed. Also you can create ISO image files from your optical disk drives. The process of mounting ISO images is very easy to perform. In the Main Window - CD Manager Tab you can add the desired ISO images to the list. After you have added the ISO files, you can choose any of them and load it into any of the virtual drives available. You can eject the virtual drive at any time and the ISO image will be automatically unmounted. To create an ISO image file you just have to insert the disk into the CD/DVD drive, click on the "Make Image" button, and select the optical drive.

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  • You can mount ISO images into virtual CD/DVD drives
  • You can burn ISO images in to CD/DVD
  • You can create ISO image files


  • Restarting is required after installing the program
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